28 September 2010

[Kenny & Christine]

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This is the second time that I have been able to take photos of this beautiful family. My family always enjoys spending time with Kenny, Christine and their two beautiful children because they are so warm-hearted, considerate, and nice to be around. Of course I have always thought that they were a beautiful family, but it's great to be a photographer and get to go through all of my images of them....and WOW, I was just struck by how seriously GORGEOUS they all are!

I had so much fun capturing these images. Matthius was the best sport EVER! I let him snap a few with my big camera and he let me take his photo too :) Annaliese gave me the run around....I'm not gonna lie, it is a lot of work to get a good picture of her! Christine you're right, she is always on the move and she has a mind of her own! But I love that!! She is so darling and funny!

It was also nice to take a few photographs of just mom and dad this time :) You two are LOVELY together and you have such a fun family. Christine you are a stunning woman! Even Kenny was such a great sport for these photos....must have been that cat-nap in the middle of the session ;)

Thanks again for hiring me! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek :)


12 September 2010

Loni, Chelsey & Beckem

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Let me introduce to you my girlfriend, Chelsey, her husband, Loni, and their adorable 15 month old son, Beckem. Chelsey and I reconnect every few years, and I am SO glad that this year was one of those times! We have a lot in common but our paths don't cross very often. As you can see, she has a gorgeous family. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but they are great people. Genuine, kind, loving, and fun. I always enjoy my visits with her, and this portrait session was no different. I really enjoyed getting to spend the afternoon with them all. Even though Beckem was so tired, both mom and dad did an excellent job at just letting him be himself and not getting stressed out about it. As you can see from the above images I managed to get a few good shots of this busy little boy!

I especially love the top image....1. Because we got a smile out of Beckem, but 2. i love that you can see the family lake cabin in the background. Chelsey wanted to do the session out there because it holds special memories for her and her family. Chels I am glad that I was able to capture a shot like this for you!

You guys are awesome!



07 September 2010

Little Bumps and Big Babies

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Our little girl Aubrey is 11 Months Old this week!

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Her new favourite word is "Hi" hi, hi hi hi hi!

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My cousin, Karyse, and her husband, Derek, are expecting their first baby [A BOY!] this December! I think she has the most perfect baby bump and I LOVE how these images turned out! Derek and Karyse are just overall a super awesome couple. I feel so blessed that they are part of my family. Right from the start of my pregnancy they have nothing but excited and happy for us, gifting us with the coolest things for Aubrey and even coming to North Carolina to see her when she was born. I know that they will play a special role in Aubrey's life! Their little nieces are so fortunate to have such a cool and loving Auntie and Uncle!

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05 September 2010

FINALLY! Photographers Speak Out!

If you are a photographer out there, specifically a CANON user, I think you will appreciate this post. I frequent the blog of Jessica Claire, and she recently put up a post called "Doing the best I can". Ever since I finished my School of Photography in Kona, Hawaii in 2007, I have had problems with getting the sharpness in my photos that I believed I should have achieved with all the tips that my instructor had equipped me with....(The best gift he equipped me with was a critical eye. Not sharp? Not good. ) Her post says it all, and I am relieved (yet still frustrated) to know that it is not just me or my fault (most of the time ).

Sometimes you just can be too hard on yourself...it has been a journey! Lots of photos to come, I promise. I have them saved up. Keep checking back in the next week!