28 November 2009

Stu & Emily

My friend Emily asked if I would do a Christmas Card session for her and her husband Stu. It was her idea to go downtown at night since it is all lit up for Christmas already! While we were there Aubrey got to see her first fireworks show!

07 November 2009

Holiday Cheer

Christmas is fast approaching! Each year I get a number of people interested in just doing a small session - long enough to get a few good photos for Christmas Cards. So check out this year's Christmas Candy : www.pickyourholidaycard.com

Mini Holiday Session : Contact for details.

CANDY (sets of 25 - includes envelopes) :

- 5x7 double sided flat-press cards : $37/set {$3/singlets}

- 5x7 folded cards : $60/set {$3/singlets}

- 5x7 single sided photo cards : $35/set {$2/singlets}

- 4x8 single sided photo cards : $30/set {$2/singlets}

* $5 flat rate S/H *

Pee Ess... If you are a previous client and would like to order holiday cards using images from a session that we had together, only the price of the greeting cards will apply :)