08 June 2011

Australia : Last Beach Days

Well our 9 months of living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia is quickly coming to a close. The weather is cooling off (we have a heater on at night and early morning!) but thankfully the sun has been shining most days and it is perfect Autumn weather.  When it is chilly and dark outside it feels like Christmas to me.  But in midday if feels like the beginning of summer back home.  Just a couple days ago Aubrey and I headed to beach. We haven't done that much these last couple of months, so I thought I had better take some photos!  She has grown so much since we first moved here.

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07 June 2011

Mudjimba Beach : The S Family

Soon after we had moved to Australia in September last year, we met this lovely family in the park.  Aubrey was just 13 months at the time, and Eden decided that she would show her around the playground.  Ben and Sami got to talking, he invited us to Christmas Carols, then we ended up having Christmas lunch with them, and the rest is history :) We have simply enjoyed getting to know Sami and Reeta, as well as their sweet children - Eden and Daniel.  We are all Christians who share in the desire to grow closer in relationship to Jesus Christ every day, and when we see this family, we always have encouraging and uplifting conversations about how God is shaping, challenging, and growing us in our walk with Him.   It was fun to be able to capture some photographs of them before we leave (less than 3 weeks!).