26 January 2011

playgroup : rolls, rolls, rolls!

Aubrey and I attend a playgroup here on the Sunny Coast with a bunch of other really wonderful families.  The little babies were newborns when we got here, and now they are growing and full of wonderful rolls! Aubrey has started to really take notice of babies and is really good at being gentle with them.  I don't feel ready for baby #2 yet, but I have to say that watching her loving on babies is certainly getting me there!

playgroup (7 of 10)

Meet Ashton and Georgie !

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My lovely friend, Gemma. Check out her beautiful work! It is so nice to have a photographer friend around :)

And finally.....Aubrey's new favourite activity... Driving! I need to get her one of these cars. It is always a fight to get her out of our car, she just wants to have a go! :

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25 January 2011

mikaela louise : famous warrior

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this little beauty for my friend Gen and her husband Tim! Ben and I not only met each other on the Beach To Bush DTS (through YWAM in Australia)  , but we also met Gen! It was so neat to see my Canadian friend again down under, and to meet her husband, their adorable little boy - Ethan - as well as the newest addition to the family.... Miss Mikaela Louise.  Gen was telling us that they had some difficulty during the pregnancy, but Mikaela is a strong little girl.  They gave her the middle name "Louise" because she is a fighter! How beautiful!

Gen and Tim, it was great to see you guys :) Here are a few photos while you wait for the rest! We will have to get together again soon!

mikaela (1 of 4)

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mikaela (4 of 4)

A big thanks to Gemma for another round of trying out her camera as well as her expertise in photographing newborns :) You rock Gems!

16 January 2011

aubrey : 15 months old

We have been having so much fun with our little 15 month old! She is so full of smiles, showing off her 4 front teeth. I am loving the gap between her two top teeth! Her auburn-blonde whispies are growing into ringlets. She is nearly impossible to photograph, always on the move, especially when she sees mom with the camera.  Getting a photo of her face is SO difficult! She immediately looks away from the camera....she is pretty cheeky! She is cuddly and silly, trying to extend the fun even if it takes fake laughing while scrunching up her nose and showing off her teeth.  10 kilos and growing.  Learning her manners through baby sign.

Now for the pictures :

15mos (8 of 8)

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All of the rain that we have been having has caused the ocean to turn into a cappuccino! Brown and foamy.

15mos (2 of 8)
Daddy and Bree at a friend's birthday picnic in Noosaville.