Newborn Session Info

Sweet. Soft. Beautiful.

After having my own child, I fell in love with photographing newborn babies.  Our children are only newborns for such a short time, and their newness and newborn features start to change within weeks of birth.  You will want to remember the tiny details of their sweet smallness!  As a mother and nurturer, I know how to gently handle your precious child. 

when to schedule your session

Call to schedule your session before your baby is born.  We will tentatively mark a time frame on the calendar. Once on my calendar, I will remain flexible for you.  If your baby is already born, I will work hard to fit in babies under 10 days old right away.

The BEST time to photograph newborns is when they are 5-7 days old.  After only 2 weeks their newborn features are already beginning to change, and they do not curl up and sleep as soundly.  At 3 weeks most newborns will begin to develop baby acne, cradle cap, and sometimes colic.

tips for a great newborn session

Be sure to have an extra bottle of milk on hand if your baby is not breastfed.  We want a full baby but not overfed.
We will want the heat turned up so that your baby stays warm and comfortable. If the session is at your home, keep a bunch of warm towels in the dryer.
If the session is at your home, I will use your furnishings and surroundings, so make sure that your home is not cluttered.
Don't worry about messes. Keep lots of burp cloths and wipes on hand for quick clean up.
Newborns get lost in clothing since it is usually too big for them.  If you don't want your baby naked we can use diaper covers and blankets.
If you have a family heirloom, special blanket, or something that defines you that you would like your newborn photographed with, please bring it along! Knitted hats, hats and headbands, all make cute little additions as well.
I suggest that the session only be newborn and parents so that we can maintain a relaxed environment.

Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours.  The tips above will help with creating a comfortable environment for your newborn to be photographed in.   I allow for plenty of time for feeding and caring for your newborn.

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