11 June 2008

Erica & Rick - Sneak Peek #2

Aren't they the most stunning couple?! More than once I have found myself smiling as I process their images - they are SO beautifully in love and they compliment one another so well!

Erica and  Rick, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture the love you two share for eachother - as well as your family and friends - on your wedding day. It was an honor to be there, and to witness the way that you honor one another, serve one another, and lift each other up. It was wonderful to see how much the people in your life respect, admire, and care for you - and you for them!

All the best! We'll keep in touch as your photos and designer album come together :)

07 June 2008

Erica & Rick | 06.07.2008

Your favourite spot :)

A mom & daughter moment ...

And your stunning wedding rings !

Despite the slight "blip" that today was supposed to hit record highs (100+!) Erica and Rick were still the most lovely bride and groom to be around! There is so much to say, but already it's after midnight and today has been a long (and wonderful) day... yet I couldn't possibly sleep without playing with a few photos and getting them up for a quick peek before I can get to the rest of them:) Enjoy!


05 June 2008

Out of the Box...

I miss my incredible husband - who is doing Ranger School at the moment - so I have been digging up some of our wedding photos and playing with them :)