19 December 2009

My Sweet Angel Baby

My girlfriend - Christie Nix - is a talented cinematographer and photographer! She blessed us with these precious images of me and my sweet baby :)

28 November 2009

Stu & Emily

My friend Emily asked if I would do a Christmas Card session for her and her husband Stu. It was her idea to go downtown at night since it is all lit up for Christmas already! While we were there Aubrey got to see her first fireworks show!

07 November 2009

Holiday Cheer

Christmas is fast approaching! Each year I get a number of people interested in just doing a small session - long enough to get a few good photos for Christmas Cards. So check out this year's Christmas Candy : www.pickyourholidaycard.com

Mini Holiday Session : Contact for details.

CANDY (sets of 25 - includes envelopes) :

- 5x7 double sided flat-press cards : $37/set {$3/singlets}

- 5x7 folded cards : $60/set {$3/singlets}

- 5x7 single sided photo cards : $35/set {$2/singlets}

- 4x8 single sided photo cards : $30/set {$2/singlets}

* $5 flat rate S/H *

Pee Ess... If you are a previous client and would like to order holiday cards using images from a session that we had together, only the price of the greeting cards will apply :)

17 October 2009

10 Days

There are a few more of our 10 day old sweet heart on our family blog :)

12 October 2009

Aubrey Lynn

We welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world on Tuesday October 6th at 2:38am. Now just one week later our love for her just keeps growing. She is amazing! For more photos of her you can check out our other blog :)

14 September 2009

Jeff & Kim

Back in the very beginning of this year Kim asked me to do a Troop Session for her husband - Jeff - who was serving overseas at the time. (Check out "For Jeff"). It was so cool to catch up with them 8 months later to get some photos of them together. We had the coolest location for our session (thank you Kim!!), and they were also so easy-going and up for whatever suggestions I had. Although their oldest son wasn't able to join us, it was also fun to see Joey again and get some photos of him - super great guy to photograph!

Jeff and Kim, thank you again for asking me to capture images for your family. You are such a neat couple (and super good-looking! I am so excited about these photos!). It was a pleasure to see you again Joey and Kim, and to get the opportunity to meet you Jeff. I hope these few photos give you a fun "taster" until I can finish up the rest of them!! I will let you know when they are ready for viewing :)



31 August 2009

Hudson Gage - 2 weeks old

I just arrived back to North Carolina from my trip to Alberta, BC, and PEI Canada. While I was in Alberta I was able to see my girlfriend's new little baby boy! Cara-Leigh and I have known each other our whole lives. Our mom's were friends before we were born, and we have so many fun memories between our two families. Now we are continuing the tradition :) It was a pure joy to see Jeff, Care, and their sweet little guy - Hudson Gage - so soon after his birth. Her sister's and sister in law put on the cutest baby shower for them, and I am SO glad I was up there for that as well!!

Jeff and Care, Ben and I are so thankful to have you both as friends. We hope one day the distance isn't so far for us all to see each other! Taking photos for your beautiful family was great, Hudson is SO sweet :)

04 August 2009

My Belly - 31 Weeks

Ben took these after our session with Ben, Julie, and Camille this weekend. Didn't he do a great job! I love them! It's so hard to believe that I am already 31 Weeks. The baby is almost always on the move these days :)

02 August 2009

Ben, Julie & Camille...Sneak Peek!

I had so much fun shooting portraits of this family in the park yesterday!! Despite having thunderstorms all week long we had awesome lighting for their session. Not only that, but it was hot - and a little sticky - and yet Ben, Julie, and even Camille were superstars...you seriously were! They just let me shoot and shoot and shoot; they had outfit changes, we played with balloons, flowers, bubbles, and watermelon :) By the time {my} Ben and I got home after a dinner and gelato date, it was too late to put their photos on my computer to see the results. But in hindsight, I should have because I think I was too excited to sleep. It is so hard deciding which to play around with and put up first!

Ben and Julie, thank you so much for giving me another opportunity to take photos of your beautiful family. It was SO neat seeing Camille and how much she has "grown up" over the last year! I love the joy and peacefulness that you all brought with you to the session. I'll be in touch!

31 July 2009


Click image to enlarge

My girlfriend's husband came home from deployment last weekend! I always feel blessed to be able to take photos of homecoming reunions, knowing that for day after day, month after long month, these families have chosen to put their country first and deal with everything that comes along with that. I might be there for an hour (or a few depending on delays!) waiting to capture the special moment - and it always moves me. But what really hits me is that they have been waiting months, if not a year or more for this day to come.

Tiffany, thank you so much for asking me to capture your reunion. Thank you for being a woman who is not afraid to be real & honest in good times and hard times. Throughout this deployment, you have been an example to me of perseverance and quiet strength. I pray that God richly blesses your family over the coming weeks and months as you continue to reunite and grow in ways that He has stored up for you! I pray that He gives you your heart's desires, and creates a strength in your family that no man can take away.

Once again, thank you Scott & Tiff for all you've done!


06 July 2009

My Growing Belly

My sweet husband takes a photo of me at the end of every month...here are some recent ones from this week :) I just can't believe how fast the changes of my belly are happening now! Every week it looks and feels bigger, and our growing baby moves and kicks harder! Not too much longer to go!

16 June 2009

Sean Alpha Announcement!!!

Paul and Susan, here is the first go at your announcement! Let me know what you like, love, or would like to see done differently. It is a fun playground for me, so I am open to what you think! (Check out the sweet background textures, I love that!!)

PeaEss. I didn't add a quote, as you can see, i didn't think it really needed one. But if you want one, let's do it! Mother Goose has some cute ones we can check out :)

PeaEssEss. I didn't put your last name for online, but if you want that for the actual announcement let me know!

10 June 2009

Sean Alpha


Don't you just love this awesome family! I love these photos from their newborn session last weekend, you can see from the last 2 images that sometimes I can't decide if I prefer colour or black and white. Paul and Susan welcomed their first child - Sean Alpha - into the world 7 weeks ago. I felt privileged to capture these photos of their growing family. What an awesome and precious time of life! I'm so glad to have become such good friends with Susan, and to watch her (and Paul!) at work with their new addition is wonderful. They make such special parents. Now that I am about 5 months along, it is hard not to talk about anything but babies when I am around Susan! (We particularily get excited about cloth diapers right now).

Paul and Susan, thankyou so much for trusting me with these images of Sean, and giving me the opportunity to work for you!

God Bless you guys :)


27 April 2009

Moving Announcements

Our friends, Chris and Sonya, are moving and asked me to design their change-of-address announcements using some of the photos from their Portrait Session back in November. It was fun playing in Photoshop and coming up with these designs!

Note : If you know Chris and Sonya, please note that all of their information on these samples has been changed to pseudo info for online purposes!

Chris and Sonya you will be missed! Best of luck in your future endeavors and all that the future has in store for you :)

21 April 2009


Last week I got the sad news that my family's sweet dog had to be put down. I picked Colby out of a beautiful litter 13 years ago, and she has been a joy to our family ever since. We adore her personality and will miss her sweet smiling face greeting us!

09 April 2009

#1 : Rare Bush

Last weekend my lovely friend Karen took Ben and me to the horse races!! It was my first time, and couldn't leave without betting at least once...so on the last big race I put $5 on Rare Bush - he did not disappoint! We got back $25, pretty good return :) I put up more photos on our blog : Ben and Chelsa!

07 April 2009

Paul, Susan & Belly

Well we were finally able to get together Sunday morning for a belly session that included Paul! Between work/training schedules and this crazy on-again-off -again weather, we managed to meet before their little man decides to come (which could be any week now!! I am so excited!!).

Ben and I totally enjoyed our time with you two, it is so apparent how much you already love this little guy and what wonderful parents he is going to have! Thank you so much again for this wonderful honour of documenting your little miracle :)