25 December 2010

merry christmas : down under

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We saw this little guy on our "Walk through the Manger" - Aussie style ;)

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There were the traditional animals too!

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We took a little day trip on our holiday break up to the hinterland town of Monteville, QLD.  Very charming with lovely little shops and fantastic views!

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"...Swingin' my hips like yah..."   :) Love this.

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Rustic old telephone booth.

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13 December 2010

rain rain go away: bree

We had a week of non-stop rain! Thankfully we are back to mostly sunny, beachy weather here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  But a rain here and there is a great way to cool us off every now and again....just please not for a week straight!

When my mom and sister were visiting we took Aubrey to splash in some puddles and get some fresh air once the rain finally stopped. Needless to say she loved it!

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One of our favourite Bree expressions :

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Yes, yes she did pick this up, (ew):

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So happy to see her Nana:

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This is the other day after a good sleep-in, Bree and Daddy skyping with a friend:

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08 December 2010

selah & ziah : beach babies

Christen is another awesome mom that I have met here on the Sunshine Coast. Her and her husband are the leaders of a DTS (discipleship training school) here at the YWAM Sunny Coast.  Since the day we arrived they were so generous in making sure we had everything from toys to blankets for Aubrey, it was such a blessing and helped us settle in that much quicker.  Aubrey has really enjoyed trying to follow Selah around, and I have enjoyed getting to know Christen!  We had a little mini-session with them at Mudjimba Beach before they headed off to Canada for Christmas a few weeks ago.  We miss you guys and can't wait to hang out more when you get back to Oz!  Enjoy this little peek at your photos!   

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Selah giving a hug goodbye to Aubrey...Aubrey really enjoys playing with Selah, she is a sweet big girl!