12 July 2010

Jeff, Cara-Leigh & Hudson

Meet our close friends! Cara-Leigh and I have known one another since we were babies, and now we are having a great time having "play-dates" (more for our benefit) with our little ones!  This past weekend we made home-made perogies! It was so fun, I am going to miss you Care!

I'm pretty sure our husband's have been enjoying getting to know each other better since Ben and I are in Canada for a while, Care and I are always laughing about how much they have in common. And just look at Hudson!! How can you not just fall in love with him?! He is the cutest little guy and so smart too. Look at him walking...he is 11 months old now, but he started at 10 months!   And you can tell he is going to be a musician like his daddy with that kind of coordination on the drums :)

It was so fun to take their family photos for them.....and I am SO glad some of them turned out! You would not believe how insane the mosquitos were.  Ew, they were everywhere and we just had to rush to try and get a few good shots, I am really happy with these ! There are definitely some funny ones in between of them squirming and swatting....but it was worth it right ?!

Check out Hudson's baby portraits from when he was 2 weeks old

08 July 2010

Notre Dame High School Grad Class of 2010!

This was such a fun day for all of us! These four good-looking grad's have known one another since they were babies, and it is just crazy to everyone that they are off into the world and their high school days are becoming memories! It was fun for me as a Nicole and Becca's cousin to help with make-up and picking out just the right accessories for their special day...I even got to help my brother Carson with straightening his tie on his tux...they all look SO good!

The top grad is Cassidy, a good family friend....way to go Cassidy! Cassidy is a super talented dancer and will probably do something great with that!  She loves cruises so she mentioned possibly dancing for a season or two on a cruise ship. 

The next is Nicole - my cousin - and her boyfriend, Scott. Nicole has an interest in studying photography or sports medicine. 

The beauty in the blue dress is my other cousin Becca....working to become an EMT.  (**if you like the necklace Becca is wearing, it is a brand of jewelry that I love and have been selling...come talk to me!)

And the super good looking dude at the bottom is my brother, Carson.  Going off to University at Texas of Arlington to study and play for the golf team .

06 July 2010

Taylor's Graduation Day!

My sister Taylor has got to be one of my favourite people to photograph!  She takes my (sometimes confusing) suggestions for cute photos and she makes them her own in her own creative way that only Taylor knows how.  And who wouldn't want such adorable graduation photos! The day before Father's Day Taylor graduated from the University of Victoria (in BC, Canada) with her BSc and an acceptance into Med School next January!

Way to go Taylor! We all knew that you could and would do it!


Click here for more photos of Father's Day and Taylor's graduation :) 

 After a couple days in Victoria, BC we all headed to Kelowna, BC for Father's Day.  And to celebrate, we went to a Car Show with my dad.  He has had the "black car" for as long as i can remember and he had it restored...which took about 4 years.  It really is gorgeous! So this year they put it in a couple car shows to show it off :)  I will have a Portrait Session with it soon ;) Until then...here are a few details...