31 August 2009

Hudson Gage - 2 weeks old

I just arrived back to North Carolina from my trip to Alberta, BC, and PEI Canada. While I was in Alberta I was able to see my girlfriend's new little baby boy! Cara-Leigh and I have known each other our whole lives. Our mom's were friends before we were born, and we have so many fun memories between our two families. Now we are continuing the tradition :) It was a pure joy to see Jeff, Care, and their sweet little guy - Hudson Gage - so soon after his birth. Her sister's and sister in law put on the cutest baby shower for them, and I am SO glad I was up there for that as well!!

Jeff and Care, Ben and I are so thankful to have you both as friends. We hope one day the distance isn't so far for us all to see each other! Taking photos for your beautiful family was great, Hudson is SO sweet :)

04 August 2009

My Belly - 31 Weeks

Ben took these after our session with Ben, Julie, and Camille this weekend. Didn't he do a great job! I love them! It's so hard to believe that I am already 31 Weeks. The baby is almost always on the move these days :)

02 August 2009

Ben, Julie & Camille...Sneak Peek!

I had so much fun shooting portraits of this family in the park yesterday!! Despite having thunderstorms all week long we had awesome lighting for their session. Not only that, but it was hot - and a little sticky - and yet Ben, Julie, and even Camille were superstars...you seriously were! They just let me shoot and shoot and shoot; they had outfit changes, we played with balloons, flowers, bubbles, and watermelon :) By the time {my} Ben and I got home after a dinner and gelato date, it was too late to put their photos on my computer to see the results. But in hindsight, I should have because I think I was too excited to sleep. It is so hard deciding which to play around with and put up first!

Ben and Julie, thank you so much for giving me another opportunity to take photos of your beautiful family. It was SO neat seeing Camille and how much she has "grown up" over the last year! I love the joy and peacefulness that you all brought with you to the session. I'll be in touch!