31 March 2010

Aloha Christie Nix

Christie and I met one another at the surprise birthday party that Lily and I threw for our guys back in November. Lily and Dave introduced us since they knew we both had a passion for photography. I instantly liked Christie. She is one of those women who is passionate for life, love and laughter. She loves people. She loves good food. She agrees with me that good food is full of nutrients and should nourish your body, not take away from it. But should also taste AMAZING. She gets excited over great jewelry designs like I do and she threw a fabulous Silpada party with me as the rep! The list goes on! Over the past months she has come to shoot beside me at my Portrait Sessions, and during these times we have had fun getting to know one another.

We both share an excitement over a great camera and great camera lens'. And we both studied in Hawaii. Not only is she a talented photographer, but her real passion is cinematography! How cool is that?! Check out her fabulous work :

On my big long-long road trip to our second destination (our first was Ohio with photos of a precious new life coming soon!) - Iowa - I listened to an audio book that Christie shared with me to pass the time. The China Study. By the end of my 10 hour leg I had decided that it is the right time for me to say goodbye to animal products again! I had been a vegetarian for 10 years, a vegan for the last 5 of those. But for the past year and a half I decided to eat meat and dairy again in moderation. It was fabulous and delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my bison burgers and bison smokies! However my body has been telling me that my little sabbatical is coming to an end....and I am so excited to get back on the road of veganism!! I am going to start out slowly, still eating a little goat cheese and free-range eggs once in a while until I can make sure to find vegan alternatives that are calorie-dense for a nursing mama. If you have any great cookbooks or links to share, please pass them along! Here is a great one the Christie shared with me in our recipe exchanging blitz.... veganyumyum.com . I also LOVE havecakewilltravel.com

Enjoy her gorgeous photos!!


25 March 2010

Buddy & Karen

Yes, Ben and I are SO blessed to call this wonderful couple "friends"!

Buddy and Karen we will miss you both so much and are thankful for the times we have spent over the last couple years. Thank you for being such a great couple for us to look up to and have fun with.

And thank you for trusting me with your portraits!! Here are a few teasers until I can get settled enough somewhere to work on the rest :)

We love you both!


15 March 2010

Patrick, Samantha, Dorian & Maynard

It was the perfect morning for a stroll in the country! Patrick and Samantha hired me during my first year living in Fayetteville, and it was such a pleasure to capture the essence of their family once again. I think the country setting was just wonderful for their family session seeing as how they have a little country in their hearts anyway :)

I promised I would get a few up here for your teasers today!! Whew, down to the wire ;) I hope you enjoy them and it won't be long until the rest are finished as well .

It is always a pleasure to spend a morning with your family, thank you SO much again :) I absolutely love repeat clients, one because I get to see how their family has grown, but also it makes me so thankful that you are pleased with your finished product so much!!



05 March 2010

'Square Pants - The Langstons Continued...

Here are a few more snapshots of the Langston crew that I think really capture the personality of their family. Before their session, I asked Jodi if there were any "props" she would like to bring along to add character to the photographs...she decided that since the boys absolutely LOVE Sponge Bob Square Pants (what little person doesn't??!) she would bring along their stuffed characters! I wasn't sure how these were going to turn out....but i really really like them!! I think the that although colour is fun, black and white add a bit more depth to these images.


02 March 2010

~- The Langstons -~

I met Jodi a year ago. At the time I knew she was working hard to get through nursing school, be a wife and also a mother to a young family. I was pregnant at the time and received so many helpful tidbits of advice from her. This weekend I finally had the opportunity to meet the Langstons....and I am blessed all the more because of it!

Bruce and Jodi, your family is so beautiful!! Christie and I smiled and laughed all the way home after your session. Your children are so full of LIFE! And you two work so well as a team, you don't miss a beat. I have to admit I was a bit nervous going into this session...I always wonder how the children will do, if they will be having an "off day" or get camera shy....not your boys!!! We loved that they instantly warmed up to us and were themselves! With all the energy flying around, I was also nervous that I didn't get "the shots" i was looking for....but I am so blessed to see that all the shots I got reflect YOUR FAMILY....I hope you love them!

Thank you for this opportunity and for giving us a glimpse into your lives :)

Enjoy this teaser and I will be in touch when the rest are polished up!