25 June 2010

Boudoir Photography

I have gone back and forth debating with myself whether or not I feel comfortable putting up boudoir photography on my blog, mostly because I don't want anyone to view it the wrong way or be offended by it.  Obviously I have chosen a few images from my latest shoot - with permission from my client - to put up and display my work. Boudoir photography is becoming an increasingly popular type of photography among women, and I wanted to show those interested in me as a photographer that it is something I offer.  Because I hold the sanctity if marriage in the highest regard, I find that this can be a tasteful, classy gift for a woman's husband - or her fiance as a night before the wedding gift.  In a world were women's bodies and photography can be used for so many degrading purposes, I truly love that there are ways that photography can honor the beauty of women and bless cherishing men with tasteful photographs of their wife.

Now for just a couple photos:

07 June 2010

I'm 8 Months Old!

Aubrey Lynn
8 Months Old
18 lbs & 27 1/4 in
loves to give mommy very-wet-open-mouth kisses (and occasionally daddy too)
Making huge headway in the crawling process (can get on all fours from sitting and back)
loves music and to "hummm" along
loves giving hugs and cuddles
likes to move her tongue all around and poke it out once it awhile
likes to make the "t-h" sounds with her tongue and lips
went from a 7 am wake up to 5 am so she can hang out with daddy before work
discovered that she has toes and her big one is perfect to suck
loves prunes
loves blueberries
loves apples
LOVES dried pears
8 Months Old!!