25 November 2008

A little post processing fun...

I didn't mention in my post "Sunday Couple" that the session was for Chris and Sonya's two year anniversary...but it was! Love and marriage is sweet isn't it!? Well here are a few more piccies for you all to enjoy!

16 November 2008

Sunday Couple | Chris & Sonya

Due to scattered thunderstorms yesterday, we decided to wait until this morning to do a portrait session with our friends Chris & Sonya...it was worth it! We found a gem of a spot downtown to take portraits... and despite the strong light from the sun, it created some deliciously romantic lens flare, which was only the cherry-on-top to how gorgeous this couple is.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a session with you! It was a lot of fun, and I especially am loving going through your images...hopefully this "sneak peak" is fun for you both before the guys head to the field :)

Talk to you soon!

11 November 2008

Charleston, South Carolina

Cypress Gardens...where that awesome scene in The Notebook (and The Patriot) was filmed!

Above: In the garden of the Boone Plantation...

Ben and I had an incredible Veteran's Day weekend! Our friends - Matt & Johnni, also stationed down in the South - met up with us in the beautiful Southern and Coastal city of Charleston, SC. Matt & Johnni humoured me as I basked in the abundance of incredible places to take portraits....actually we all had our fun taking photos this weekend! I do not even know where to begin posting, but this is a start.

It is pretty cool to meet up with this wonderful couple. Ben and Matt have been buddies since Elementary School, and all three of them have gone through High School & University together. What a fun weekend, thanks again you two!

06 November 2008

Cotton Fields in Autumn

Wow, is Autumn ever wonderful in North Carolina! This is my first Autumn here, and a few weeks back, I was delighted to discover cotton fields! To those who grew up here I am sure this is so normal, but I have never seen it before. So today, I got out of my car to touch it and document it! Actually, the fields are half way cultivated (is that the word you use for cotton?) by big tractors already, so by this time next week I might not have found any to photograph. And for those of you up north who have never had this wonderful experience, it is pretty cool. They bundle up all this cotton into big huge rectangular bales, even bigger than the big round hay bales! I wanted to get a photograph of those also to show you, but didn't want to risk the traffic on the 2 single laner....

04 November 2008

SHiNE in Wilmington

My friend Annah - CEO of SHiNE Christian Magazine - called me last minute on Friday to see if we'd be interested in doing a shoot at Wrightsville Beach, NC and at the Wilmington Fair on Saturday. I am so glad we went because the location, the weather and of course the models were gorgeous!

It is so exciting to be a part of what God is doing through Annah's vision for the magazine. She has some major conference calls with people in the high end cosmetic industry this week - and I know that God is using this woman to further His Kingdom in a super cool way!