30 December 2011

The N Family ... Williston, ND Photographer

Such a pleasure to photograph good friends....times one-hundred when you factor in the beautiful couch, lighting and snow! These photos make me very happy.  Enjoy!

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11 December 2011

Leaves : October Days

Before I keep posting snow photos (with i A-D-O-R-E), I wanted to share some photos from the day of Aubrey's 2nd birthday.  It was picture perfect Autumn here in Canada while all the leaves changed to orange, yellow and reds....and it was her first time playing in piles of them...don't you love "first's"?!

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19 November 2011

Ken and Neila {Mini's 5}....Williston, ND Photographer

Last, but not least, I loved shooting my 5th Mini Session on this chilly day.
The horses kept their distance with all the children around but showed up for this last session.
It was perfect timing. Fun. And appropriate for a couple who loves horses!
Ken and Neila I hope you love your photographs, it was special for me 
to be able to capture a few for you! Hugs, Chelsa.

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The C Family {Mini's 4}...Williston Family Photographer

4th Holiday Mini Session. 

I had a great time working with you guys, you certainly made my job easy on a chilly day! Enjoy!

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16 November 2011

The [D] Family [Mini's 3] ..... Williston, ND Photographer

Enjoy these beautiful photos of my 3rd family in the Mini-Session series! Such a joy to work with... D-Family you are all so genuine and kind, I truly enjoyed meeting you! I hope you love your photos for years and years to come!

d.family (2 of 2).jpg

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The A Family {Mini-Session 2}...Williston, ND Photographer

2nd Family from the Holiday Mini's 2011!! First of all, can you imagine having triplets?! I would just like to say that this mom and dad were awesome - they took it all in stride and because of their positive attitudes and smiles they came out with some beautiful shots in our short 20 minutes together which kept my stress levels way down too! Thank you guys! Beautiful family ....

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15 November 2011

The D Family {Mini-Session 1}......Williston Photographer

I wasn't quite sure if I was up to a day of Holiday Mini's this year, but I had a family interested and she organized and found the families to fill the slots for me.  I am SO glad she did because I didn't realize how much fun I would have! Thanks to all my Mini Session families that kicked off my first ever year of putting this on.  Enjoy the "Mini" series as it comes!

The D Family is my first family up! Talk about a beautiful, big family with big hearts.  They were all so sweet and willing, despite the November chill.... not to mention that this is a lot of adorableness for one session!

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11 November 2011

La Rochelle, France

Slowly but surely I am making my way backwards in my photo library and getting our travel photos finished up! I absolutely love them...sometimes I even appreciate them more by letting them sit for awhile before getting to them!

I hope you enjoy our La Rochelle photos.  It was such a picturesque city on the west coast of France. Highlights were taking Aubrey on the beautiful carousel (which we saw a few of in France! How much more lovely than those ugly little carnivals they set up in parking lots over here!)...as well as the famous La Rochelle Aquarium (where she met an adorable little french boy to play with! He kind of reminded me of a little French Hudson :)


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We loved our quaint little Hotel De La Paix accomodation!

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05 November 2011

SNOW!!!! ... Williston, ND Children Photographer

Because we lived in Australia last winter, we missed out on snow (okay "missed out" might not be the best way to put it!). Instead of playing in SNOW for the first time, Aubrey played in SAND :) Pretty nice exchange.  However, we are excited about the white stuff around here...and here are some photos of her first ever play in the snow (just yesterday!)

untitled (2 of 3).jpg

Next up is our "15 Minutes of Halloween" : (literally. this cinderella and lion lasted long enough for a few snaps).

untitled (1 of 3).jpg

And as I have been editing away on the L-Family photos, I also owed them some summer shots.  I couldn't resist posting some of the adorable new addition to their family : Maclean Jax at just a couple months old!

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2 Makes 4 ... Williston, ND Photographer

I love being able to come to Canada and also do portrait sessions for my favourite people! It is especially awesome when I have photographed them before, and get to watch their family grow.  Check out the sessions I have done for this L Family in the past!  Well...now there is a special little addition, Maclean. Cutest little boy ever, so sweet and fun to snuggle!

Time to update the walls!!

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23 October 2011

Autumn in September

 I absolutely love these photos of my 2 year old.  They capture how much she has grown, the beautiful fall weather, and also her love of animals.  It has been fun to spend autumn at "Nana at Papa's" here in Canada....it means lots of snuggles with the kittens and petting the horses.  This little blondie is not afraid of either....she is a natural country girl!

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horse.blog (5 of 5).jpg 

Oooo, and while you are here and I have your attention....check out this blogger gal I stumbled upon.  (Yes, I am blogging about her for a chance to win her vintage giveaway, but once you check her out...you would too!!) I'm lovin her creative, vintage ideas and items...I think worth a couple clicks to pop over to her site and see!

13 October 2011

The L Family .... Williston, ND Photographer

This Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to photograph one of my favourite families...and I am not saying that just because they are part of our family! Karyse and Derek are the most fun, joyful and genuine people to be around, and I think you'll agree that their little man, Warner, is pretty dang adorable. You just want to snuggle and squeeze him!

It was pretty challenging for me to decide which photos to post...I might be doing a second L Family post soon!

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I found out that it takes a lot for Derek to like how he looks in pics (um a lot of us are like that!)....Derek you better like this one!!!! It is one of my favourites!

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I love.

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I know.  Priceless Right.