27 March 2009

Belly Shots ~ Susan & Baby

This week I had the delightful honour of doing belly shots for Susan, who became one of my first friends here at Fort Bragg over a year ago. Her and her husband, Paul, are expecting their first baby...in just a few weeks!! Susan is sweet, genuine, honest, and a great person to be around. It's no wonder why so many people trust her as such a loyal friend. I am so glad that I have met her and cannot wait to meet their newest addition!!!

Paul and Susan, I hope that you love these first sent of belly shots! We will get some with Paul in them before your Little Man comes - I'm determined - so keep me on speed dial for weather and schedule openings ;)

Washington, DC

This week I am crossing the first trimester finish line! The nausea - although still here - has diminished substantially over these past 2 months...and this is my excuse for being a terrible blogger-updater during that time!

Last weekend Ben and I took advantage of his long weekend and went up to Washington, DC. Ben posted about it on our blog, Ben and Chelsa, with more photos as well! But I thought I would share a few here too :)