19 January 2009

Myles Schaefer Gilbert

As some of you know, Ben and I spent New Years in Colorado visiting his side of the family. Although it was great to see everyone, the best part was finally meeting this little guy - Myles Schaefer Gilbert, our first nephew. The name "Myles" means soldier. Born with Downs Syndrome, Myles and his parents have already battled through so many health issues in his young age. You can read more about their journey on their blog - Gilberts Nuthouse.

These are Myles' 5 month pictures! We had a heck of a time doing this session, but it was fun! The first major challenge was lighting. It was 10 pm, so we had no natural lighting. Gilby remedied this by setting up those huge construction lights - bright and hot! I should have taken a photo of our set up. It was photography challenge to say the least. All in all I think we got at least a few good ones!! I hope you guys like them :)


07 January 2009

My Snow Angel & Resolutions

January's Quote : "Life is tough. I recommend getting a manicure and a really cute helmet." ~ Curly Girl Designs - live imperfectly with great delight.

Happy New Year! Ben and I had an amazing Christmas celebration with my family in Canada, and then were blessed to be able to see his family for New Years (those photos coming soon!)...it's been some time since I blogged! Here we go again....

This lovely lady is my younger sister, Taylor. She is one of my favourite people to photograph because she is always up for shining for my camera and letting me play :) Plus she is super fun, funny, brilliant, bold, glamourous, & not only a great person but a truly loyal friend.

Doesn't the winter snow make for some awesome photos?! I love it!!! It was a fun treat :)

Okay, so what are your New Years Resolutions? I haven't truly made any in past new years, but this year is a little different....I don't know, maybe because I am older and I find as you get older staying motivated becomes more and more your own responsibility! Remember when you were younger and doing things like keeping your brain stimulated (school) & staying active (because you played school sports)...weren't really options!

So here are my official 2009 Resolutions :

- Do more yoga, and just stretching in general. - Go to the gym at least (bare minimum here) once a week - and try to do a spinning class once a week. - Read a book a month (anyone looking for a book club?) - Try out a hot yoga class (is that what it's called?) at least once (total). - And keep up with Sudoku (I joined the bandwagon over Christmas thanks to Ben who was the first person to successfully teach me).

I have plenty of more things I would like to do in 2009... these are just a few things that I think I can realistically do each month to stay active and healthy :) Please comment and share a few of yours!