20 March 2011

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Flipping through a local business magazine, my husband - Ben - came across this bloglovin.com site.  I am super excited about it, because I learn a lot of great information from health blogs, get inspiration from photography blogs, and good ideas from homemaking blogs. The problem is that my "bookmarks" are not organized enough for me...so I avoid them. And I just can't remember all the blogs I love...now this is great, one place to check and see who has updated or not....easy peasy!

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19 March 2011

5 Days New : Cooper Michael

Welcome to the world, a sweet new baby boy.  Cooper entered the world a week or two before any one suspected...and it was so much fun to hear about the "guess what?!" of that day! I did Bryan and Tiff's Maternity Portraits just in time, we didn't have time to go back and do another little session with the car like we had hoped, but meeting Cooper was better by far anyways :) He truly is such a sweet boy, and I am blown away by all of the images from his Newborn Session.  It was nearly impossible to choose which would make it on the blog.  So I did a few collages in black and white...but check back again soon, because all the lovely colour images are coming too!

Bryan and Tiff....you know we love you and we certainly love Cooper! Have a wonderful time with all of your family :)





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17 March 2011

Fields of Delight : Jock, Gemma, and Owen

There is something amazing about a sunset, a field, and a gorgeous, loving family. Last week I had the opportunity to take some really special photos. Gemma and I met one another at playgroup, and having photography in common, we had a lot to talk about right away! Even if we weren't both photographers, I would still love to be around her. Both she and her husband - Jock - are two of the most sincere and generous people you will meet. Gems has really encouraged me in my passion for photography, and has given me really good tips with photographing newborns. She has even let me use her gear and props for sessions I have here! Although I was nervous taking family portraits for a photographer, I also am so happy I got to do this session for Gemma.  I know that as a photographer, it is pretty hard to do your own family portraits! Stay tuned, she is going to do ours in a few weeks! How lucky am I?

Gems I am sure going to miss you when we leave! It is starting to hit me that we leave in 3 months!

I hope that you, Jock, and Owen love your images for years to come. You have no idea how hard it was for me to narrow down which few to share on my blog! You truly are such a beautiful family. xo


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Get ready for my favourite!!
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06 March 2011

A Beautiful Day : Point Cartwright

Ben's school, the YWAM SBS, is so full-on that it would be possible to work so hard as to not take any days off.  But being a Christian organization, thankfully they recognize that taking a "rest day" (or Sabbath) is healthy and important! So the SBSers are required to take at least one full day off each week of no work...man, I sure look forward to these days because it means that I have a little time to rest as well! It is also so nice to just be together, just the 3 of us, and enjoy the day.

Yesterday we decided to stay close to home and go on a nice walk around Point Cartwright.  It was our first time there, and won't be our last! It is so gorgeous.  We were thankful for an overcast day to cool things off here.  Aubrey walked the whole time, she refused to go in her stroller, in fact at the end of our walk she even decided that she better try pushing the stroller too.

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End of the day.
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