13 February 2009

For Reggie....

This family has waited so patiently for me to get their photos published online! The past couple weeks I've been feeling "under the weather", and so it is hard to believe that our Troop Session was 2 weeks ago already... Ang thank you for your continued patience :) Today is my catchup day!

Meet Ang, Chanelle, Regan, and Amari. I had such a great time photographing and hanging out with them downtown. Even though I know it can be uncomfortable and awkward getting your picture taken, the kids did great and I think that their dad will be blessed by these images of his beautiful children. Ang, thanks for leading the way with your fun-loving nature! Even though I probably saw the shy side of your family, I could tell they each have a part of that in them too...you and Reggie must feel so blessed! I hope and pray that this time apart goes by speedily, and that in some way these images can connect you all and bring you all closer :)

09 February 2009

For Jeff

Last weekend I met another wonderful military family out at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens...although it was a lovely winter morning, it was still a bit chilly! I'm amazed that Kim has been a military wife for 20+ years! I'm praying that the remainder of this deployment goes quickly for you all and that your husband stays safe and healthy. These families are truly a special kind. Scott, their oldest son, leaves for his basic training in just a few weeks. We made sure to get some nice photos of him and his sweet girlfriend - Brittney - to take with him :) Good luck at training Scott...and Joey enjoy your high school years!

All the very best to you guys! Thanks for contacting me, it was great to spend the morning with you. I hope that these photos can bless your family during this time...thank you all for all the years that you have given to serve!