10 December 2007

Last days of Fall Colours....in December!

..and the last one for now :)

..okay one more because you guys are just way too adorable!!!

Ben and I really enjoyed our time with you two last night! You are such a fun couple to be around, but alas, the guys are done their training and it's time to embark on a new journey! We wish you two the very best. You are a strong team and the way you compliment and support one another's strengths is so beautiful to witness. You were so fun to work with and the closeness between you two is so evident and is captured so naturally! I cannot believe that we have some fun Fall-looking photos of you two and it is Winter! I guess that is life in Texas :) Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you!


08 December 2007

For Ryan....

Sarah and I have gotten to know each other while our dear husbands are finishing up their Officer training here at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. We know that it is always fun to do something sweet for our sweeties, and these precious photos of his wife capture the sparkle in her eyes and are sure to bless his heart! She only has eyes for you Ryan!
Sarah it has been absolutely wonderful sharing visits with you while the guys are training, it has made the time go by so fast! Can you believe only one week left! We are so excited to take photos of you guys tomorrow! See you soon!


28 October 2007

Autumn Beauty in Canada

The hardest part about posting this blog was choosing which photos to put on! There were so many good ones from this crisp autumn afternoon that I spent with one of my best friends in Canada - lovely Rachelle. She drove down to my home town for the weekend and we went out looking for a good spot to take a few photographs. We had so much fun, despite the fact that by the end my hands were freezing cold from working the camera! Needless to say we went for a nice hot drink and good visit at Second Cup as soon as we finished.

02 October 2007

OKC National Memorial

This weekend Ben and I made a point of going to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. The Memorial was designed and developed in such an impacting way that it is definitely not something to rush through. Its mission statement :
"We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this Memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope, and serenity".

Although I do not have the words to do it justice, I was incredibly moved by the strength and commitment of the American people. The way that this nation pulls together in the face of tragedy, doing and giving all that they can, far surpasses the power of any act of terrorism committed against them, or tragedy that befalls them.

27 September 2007

Oklahoma Harvest

Ben and I moved to Oklahoma this September as part of his military training before we go to our permanent duty station after Christmas. It is definitely a switch from Tacoma, Washington this summer! There is a LOT of brick here - both houses and buildings seem to stick to the theme. I love the old original western days buildings in Guthrie - Oklahoma's original capitol way back in the day. And those red dirt roads and fields are so rustic and amazing! Read the updates of our journey at our website www.benandchels.blogspot.com !

30 August 2007

Canadian Girl

At the end of August Ben and I finally got to take our road-trip vacation up to BC, Canada. We surprised my family by coming 2 days earlier than we had initially thought we would be able to. Coming early made it possible to see my beautiful and adventurous sister Taylor. I convinced her to get dressed up and let me photograph her....it turned in to so much fun all evening - we were out to dinner, but we slipped away every so often to get a few more clicks in whenever we could. This girl is so much fun, there were definitely times I missed some good shots because she had me laughing so hard!

22 August 2007

Hawaii Portraits Album

Above is Ashley from Weeno Photography.

When I was in Kona, Hawaii I had the opportunity to take portraits for a few of my friends in Youth With A Mission. I've been back on the mainland for a quite awhile now, and recently decided to design an album of their photos. It is bringing back so many awesome memories! Check it out under 'gallery' on my home site! (update : link has been disabled).

26 July 2007

Carson...Scotland Bound

It has been so fun following Carson's golf season! He is doing so good, & today this world traveler is heading to Scottland for the Junior Euro tournament with the CJGA (Canadian Junior Golf Association). Here are a few shots I got at a Calgary CJGA tournament in May.

Following Scotland, Carson is heading straight to Montreal, Quebec for the Canadian Junior Boys Nationals!! Way to go Carson!!!

We are proud of you bro!!