26 February 2011

sweet belly : bryan & tiff

Meet the leaders of Ben's school! Bryan and Tiffany are the most down to earth people and lead the School of Biblical Studies with everything they have.  I can't even express how awesome it is to be here and get to take their maternity (and newborn!! wahoo!) photos for a couple as awesome as they are.  We did the shoot this evening after a quick little picnic of Thai take-away. (It was a little crazy. Ants. Aubrey got bit on the foot. Racing against the setting sun.)  But I think you can see from the images that we certainly got some "keepers"!! I was a bit bummed when we arrived with the sweet pink holden in the field only to be losing daylight by the minute.  I think I talked them into doing another short session with the car...but hopefully these images speak for themselves! The low light creates images that are pretty grainy and not very sharp or clear...but hey, it kinda works! It was super hard to pick "the ones" to blog...but I just had to do some tonight, otherwise I know I wouldn't be able to fall asleep :) Enjoy!

I love how natural they are:
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Get ready for some mood...

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My Favourite!
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Isn't Tiff such a gorgeous mama?!
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23 February 2011

fresh living : feeling inspired

My girlfriend, Johnni, and I love to share information with eachother. We have done so ever since we met one another...slowly picking up the pace to the point that now we just can't keep things to ourselves anymore! Life is too interesting, too many great things to discover. The types of things we love to discover are those that improve the quality of our lives, family life, communities, and even the world.  For a few months we have been plotting a new Blog to share with others the kinds of things we love to share with eachother. Life is more fun that way!  So stay tuned....we are still polishing off the name...and need to get a site up and running.  But in the meantime...here are a few goodies I have been incorporating into my life in Australia!

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Sprouting.  Not quite as complicated as I had imagined for the last 12 months.

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Grain-Free cooking. Fermenting. Healthy and Delicious. Meet SOCCA. A rustic Chickpea flour pancake.  A common street food on the coast of France. (I should ask my sister's French fiance if this is correct). 

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Proof that even picky littles like healthy food.

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Meet the Dragonfruit.  YUM.  Packed with vitamins and minerals.  $4. I think worth it when you are suffering a cold.  www.greenkitchenstories.com introduced me to this beauty.

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A coloured glass cup. Yep. And do you see the nice silver tray that the Draganfruit is on? $1.50 total for these gems.  Yesterday I got a few hours without the little and I decided to do some second-hand browsing. See what I could find.  I am not a souvenir person...at all. I don't like clutter, and over-priced things that don't look very classy in your home.  I do like recycling.  And Miss long Pleated Skirt...if you are out there I will find you and recycle you! Anyway...back to the cup and platter.  I want to start a little collection..find one of each from each country (or place i live).  I have ideas for them...

SO...these little photographs just give you a small taste of what you can expect! Hopefully Johnni's and my inspiration BLOG is up and running soon.  Of course with MORE information on these fun (very healthy) ideas....and more inspiration to be good to your body, good to your neighbor, and good to your world!

 Oh okay....and more pictures of my sweetie pie (sixteen-and-a-half months!)

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Sleeping in the car...sure beats the over-tired screaming! She is not a car-sleeping baby.

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Little Mermaid...first time pig-tail wearer

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06 February 2011

possum lane : my friend phoebe

And her beautiful family : Tony, Heather and Cherry.  I met these lovely Aussies in 2004, wow over 6 years ago! I have enjoyed (more than enjoyed) reuniting and catching up with them.  Their joy and peace in life is contagious.  Possum Lane will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Every time I visit it feels like a retreat which begins with the narrow little wooden bridge you must first cross to get to the driveway (I always get nervous!),  with its luscious organic garden full of fresh herbs and veggies, the peace and quite, the refreshing pool, and of course the beautiful company.  Phoebe and I can sit and talk over tea for hours. Ahhhhh, I LOVE IT! The fresh smells, wholefoods, and the best part...the family!


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Aubrey eating a fresh cherry tomato right from the vine!