28 April 2011

6 Weeks New : Zac and Kai ... Williston Newborn Photographer

Last month I met the mother of these gorgeous boys at our playgroup and having never photographed twins before, I offered to photograph her boys.  I am so glad that she accepted! These sweet little guys were so lovely to spend the morning with. It amazes me that they are just so used to one another's presence that when one cried, he wouldn't trigger the other.  I'd say that is a huge blessing for mum! She, by the way, was incredible. She also has the sweetest little girl who is Aubrey's age, and for a mother of three little ones she was just as calm as could be.

On to the pictures!





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24 April 2011

Point Cartwright : A Favourite Place

I really love this spot on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. It is a beautiful place for children to play in the water (shallow with no waves), and great for walking the long paths, or just relaxing and having a picnic.

I took these photos in March when Aubrey was 17 months old :) I love watching her grow. It is happening so fast...but it is also such an  amazing and beautiful process!

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22 April 2011

Moselle : Know the Story You're Wearing

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph some of the clothing line sold by Moselle Clothing. The more that I learn about the social injustices that are still occurring in the clothing (to name just one) industry, the more I realize that it truly is important for me to make a conscious effort to NOT purchase from these brands. It is too easy to turn a blind eye, especially since in our western culture trafficking and slavery is not in our faces everyday. We go to the mall, pick out a cute little baby outfit, and think nothing else of it.

But what if that adorable baby outfit was made by tiny hands. A child. A child forced to labour.

Let's be honest. We all should know by now that human trafficking and slavery still exists. But why? Supply and Demand. Our demand for "affordable" clothing.

I really love one of Moselle Clothing's great lines : "Know the Story You"re Wearing".

But where do we start? Here is a really helpful website : www.thebetterworldshopper.org

For ten bucks you can get their guide book.

For two bucks you can download an app for your iPhone or iPod.

It really is too easy NOT to do it. Check it out!

Secondly...I really enjoy supporting Fair Trade and Ethically Branded products where nearly all the proceeds go right back to the people. Lots of Fair Trade shops have things that make great gifts too.

So Moselle Clothing....another awesome line : "Wear the Story of Freedom" . Each shirt is made by a girl rescued from slavery. She is learning new skills and receiving fair wages to build her life up again.

Check out their store!! I have loved getting to know the couple that started this ministry here in Australia, and I was super blessed to be able to use my photography skills towards their cause.









21 April 2011

Cooper Michael : The Colour Series

I have so many photographs to blog from the last month, but before I do, I promised some photos of this sweetest little guy in colour.

Here are Bryan and Tiff's maternity photos in case you missed them.

And the Black and White series of Coopers newborn session.


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