03 May 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

I peeked out the window this afternoon and it struck me how beautiful the budding trees were against the dark blue sky...

and now Aubrey's turn to blog: ' ' CVZ 4emxx z k q[

My Sweet Cheeks

Above: It is so hard to believe that our little baby girl is almost 7 months old!! She just gets more adorable every day. What a privilege and joy it is to have the responsibility of raising a child. How fun and amazing it is to watch them discover the world around them, and their ability to interact with others! Aubrey just start waving "bye bye"! Every tiny little thing she does amazes us. Right now i am just so blown away that she is starting to understand us when we ask her to do something like "wave bye-bye Aubrey!" . She also now recognizes her beautiful name and turns her head when called! I LOVE IT!!!

Below : I have also been working on the few photos that I took of our family in Colorado! I love this set :) And we love this family! Gilby and Jocie have patiently persevered, endured, and overcome so many challenges with their son (and our nephew) and the health problems that he was born with. You can read more about their amazing journey and story here : www.gilbertsnuthouse.com
. They are an inspiration of strength and patience to us!