20 April 2008

How About this Weather?!

Don't you just feel like love is in the air at this time of year? It just makes me happy...this spring thing! And to celebrate, well, I decided that the blog could use some spring cleaning to just feel FRESH... I think it's feelin the love!

14 April 2008

A Rainy, Late Night Reunion to Remember...

These photos are too small to see, just click on them to view them larger!

I had to include this photo of this adorable little guy waiting to see his daddy!

Remember Rachel & Moira? Well last night I had the privilege of documenting their long awaited reunion with Dave. I'm sure she would tell you that the hours spent waiting - not knowing the exact time of his Unit's arrival - in the Airforce hanger was well worth every second. Unless you've experienced it yourself, you can't even begin to describe all of the emotions that make up the atmosphere at a homecoming. Tears are a mixture of the joy of reuniting and of the unbearable months of separation finally coming to a close... Again I have to say, it was a privilege just to be there among all of these soldiers and families.

Rachel & Dave, you are an incredible couple. I pray these photos bless you, and tell a powerful piece of your story for years to come :)


10 April 2008

Who's Behind the Camera?!!

So we have a portrait session tomorrow at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens and we thought we'd go there this lovely afternoon to check out the location since we have never been! Ben brought along one of our cameras and was playing around with different settings....leaving me to be the "model". I love the simplistic beauty of his compositions! And the way he used the lighting is so soft and sweet...he must have a REALLY good teacher!

03 April 2008

For Jerry...

How great is this shot of Violette that Ben captured! I love it!!

This week Ben and I had a photo session with Danielle & Violette. Danielle wanted to do this shoot for her husband, who is currently serving overseas. I love the look of downtown for their shoot! I was so glad that Ben was there to run around with Violette (more like run after her!) - she is definitely a sweetie and a bundle of energy! But when he wasn't chasing her he got some great shots of her adorable expressions - I need to take him on shoots more often :)
Danielle, we hope that you and Jerry are blessed by these photos. We are so blessed by your service for our country, pray that God strengthens you both through this time, and pours out His protection, provision and love all over you!

Hope to see you again soon!


02 April 2008

Cruising, Family, & Wilmington

How cool is this carved watermelon?

My models - Rachelle and Taylor - are back for me!

Wilmington is wonderful! Ooooh how I hope I shoot a wedding there one day! Around every corner I could just imagine a bride in white against the historic brick....but until then....

We'll strike a few poses of our own! I am told this is the new fad (instead of the peace sign)!

For 10 days in March I had the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family on a Caribbean Cruise, thanks to good family friends celebrating a destination wedding! We definitely enjoyed the ocean, beaches, & sun, but I am glad to be home and seeing my man (he wasn't able to come). And I am also looking forward to more photography sessions coming up this month!

My entire immediate family was able to spend a day here with us - including my good friend Rachelle - and see this new place we call "home". We all drove down to Wilmington for a day, and I loved it! I am already looking forward to going back there again!