12 September 2008

A Nightmare. 4 Chapters In.

Well I got "The Shack" in the mail yesterday, and although I thought maybe I was "read out" from studying all day (yep, I am a college girl again), I could not put it down once I opened it. I think this is partly because I was so upset by what was going on, I never ever want to imagine going through what this family had to go through. Finally I had to turn off the lamp and go to sleep, but the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was reach over to my night table and pick it up again. There had to be a redeeming aspect, and I needed to reach it so that I felt some peace. I was not expecting what came! But at least I am at a point where I can put it down for a little while....but I can't wait for this evening to pick it up again and keep reading! I still haven't figured out if this book is really based on a true story - he makes it sound like it is in his Forward - but then again I am not sure since it is classified as a Fiction. Anybody know? Anybody reading it or have read it?

09 September 2008

The Shack

Last night I finally did it. I ordered William P. Young's book "The Shack" from Amazon since I was already in book-ordering mode for my husband (he had me order him "Wisdom of Crowds" for work). I actually feel deep down inside that I am supposed to read this book. Do you ever get that about a book and then as you read that certain book it deposits something into your soul that in some way changes you for the ordinary? Well, I don't want to ignore the feeling because I don't want to miss out on something that God wants to teach me, or reveal to me about Himself and His love! To be honest, I ordered "The Shack" without even knowing what it was about! (That is rare for me). But it has come up subtly about 3 times. Just the mention of it in passing. The confirmation came today when my cousin - Ashlee - and I were about to get off the phone with eachother when she said "oh, I can't forget, I have a book I need to mail to you".... before she told me I knew which book it would be. I've already ordered it for myself so she can pass it on to some one else!

I am passing it on that I would like to have a little "book club" meeting sometime at the end of October for whoever is in this area and is interested in reading it too! I'll post more about it :) And hey, maybe once it actually arrives and I start reading it I will post a little here or there about it :)

Take care!