31 July 2009


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My girlfriend's husband came home from deployment last weekend! I always feel blessed to be able to take photos of homecoming reunions, knowing that for day after day, month after long month, these families have chosen to put their country first and deal with everything that comes along with that. I might be there for an hour (or a few depending on delays!) waiting to capture the special moment - and it always moves me. But what really hits me is that they have been waiting months, if not a year or more for this day to come.

Tiffany, thank you so much for asking me to capture your reunion. Thank you for being a woman who is not afraid to be real & honest in good times and hard times. Throughout this deployment, you have been an example to me of perseverance and quiet strength. I pray that God richly blesses your family over the coming weeks and months as you continue to reunite and grow in ways that He has stored up for you! I pray that He gives you your heart's desires, and creates a strength in your family that no man can take away.

Once again, thank you Scott & Tiff for all you've done!


06 July 2009

My Growing Belly

My sweet husband takes a photo of me at the end of every month...here are some recent ones from this week :) I just can't believe how fast the changes of my belly are happening now! Every week it looks and feels bigger, and our growing baby moves and kicks harder! Not too much longer to go!