19 December 2008

Family Christmas Photos in the Park

My friend Heather asked me to do their family Christmas photos this year! You truly are a beautiful family.

It is crazy that Christmas is in a week, and it has been mid 60's here...way too warm for Christmas!

So here are a few good ones from the session, I hope you like them!

Pee Ess - This months book is "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd....we are going to have a get together sometime in January over it..If you want to want to be a part of this get in touch with me :) (It is SO good so far!!)

08 December 2008

Blog Worthy Movie Titles

Since my man has been Armying it up the last couple weeks, I have been educating my movie/book palette....and there are definitely some noteworthy titles to share! This is a good post for those of you like me who get to the movie store and have NO clue what to rent. These are great choices!

Finishing up "Time Travelers Wife" ... in fact we have our book club get together tomorrow...definitely a noteworthy novel! It is a great love story...the plot and writing is so very brilliant.

My sister in London recommended "Amelie" as her favourite french movie. AMAZING. I loved it. It is adorable, clever, colourful, and fun.

Tonight's watch was "Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day" based on the novel by Winifred Watson. Definitely would make a great bookclub book. The movie is just great!! It will make you smile :)

And then of course I had to watch "PS I Love You" and cry my eyes out!

Soon to see "Mamma Mia" and "Baby Mama".... they look like fun too :)

01 December 2008

Thanksgiving Love

Ben and his folks - Dick and Jane.

I love this one of Derek and Karyse! When you are around them it is so evident how much they love, respect, and admire one another.

My beautiful mom and pops..

I LOVE these portraits of my mom and Karyse!!

It is pretty impressive. Three years running Ben and I have been blessed to spend American Thanksgiving with both sets of parents...and always a sibling or two...this year my cousin Karyse and her husband Derek came too! The neat thing is that we are never in the same place. Colorado. San Antonio. And this year in Asheville. Nice work family - we had such a great time with you all...thank you so much for making the effort to see us!